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Wednesday, 2019-06-26, 8:08 PM
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729 B.C.
King Perdica 1st (729-678) establishes the Macedonian Kingdom in Ayga and started war with the Illyrians.
659-645 B.C.
King Argeius and his war with the Illyrians.
645-639 B.C.
King Philip 1st dies in the Macedonian-Illyrian wars.
639-574 B.C.
King Aerop 1st defeated the Illyrians.
571-541 B.C.
King Alketa is Macedonian King. In this period Persia becomes the most powerful country.
540-498 B.C.
King Aminta 1st confirms that Persia is the most powerful.
498-454 B.C.
Alexander 1st Philhellene, who took part in the Olympic Games and won. The Greeks gave him the epithet Philhellene which means non Greek by origin, but not even a barbarian.
454-413 B.C.
King Perdica 2nd, son of Alexander 1st Philhellene becomes a king.
413-399 B.C.
King Arhelaius 1st moves the capital to Pella and it's been killed.
399-392 B.C.
Dynastic wars in Macedonia. Several kings murdered: Arhelaius 2nd (399-396), Orest (396-393), Aminta 2nd (393-392) and Pausanius (392-392). Illyrians declared war on Macedonia.
392-369 B.C.
King Aminta 3rd defeats the Illyrians.
369-368 B.C.
King Alexander 2nd, killed for a year.
368-360 B.C.
King Ptolomeius (368-365) and king Perdica 3rd (365-360) killed.
359-336 B.C.
Significant military and financial reforms carried out during the reign of Phillip 2nd, determining the geographical, historical, and ethnic boundaries of Macedonia.
336-323 B.C.
Reign of Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia. Macedonia reaches the peak of its military power. He spreads Macedonian culture to the East. He dies in Babylon.
323-277 B.C.
Several kings fight for authority: Philip 3rd Arrydeus, Alexander 4th, Antipater, Lyzzimachus and Piros.
277-239 B.C.
King Antigonius Gonat establishes a new dynasty Antigonidi.
215-205, 200-193, 171-167 B.C.
Macedonian - Roman wars. Macedonia falls under Roman rule. The both kings Phillip 5th and his son Perseius taken and killed in Rome.
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